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Art, TV & internet in one click: TADAAM ART makes it possible.

Tadaam releases limited edition modems in collaboration with Belgian artists Yann ‘Pache’ Laissy & Dennis Tyfus. You’re young, you’re ambitious and you know what you want. As a Belgian start-up, TADAAM knows this feeling all too well. But outside the realm of telco there’s also a lot of young entrepreneurial talent to discover in the artistic world. Now that the cultural sector is gradually coming out of its slumber, TADAAM saw that they could really use our support. That’s why we’re collaborating with local artists for the TADAAM ART project. For the love of art, and fast internet.

Democratizing Art

There’s no doubt – Freedom is a core value at TADAAM. Internet and TV with no strings attached and can work anywhere you need it. TADAAM ART believes that contemporary art should be easily accessible. Creating spaces for pieces of art in your homes.

Putting local talent on a pedestal

TADAAM ART makes it a point to invest in the Belgian art scene and contributes to its future. It does so by commissioning artists to create masterfully eye-catching modem designs. Giving them a nationwide platform and allowing the public to appreciate their work.

The artists

Dennis Tyfus

Dennis Tyfus is an Antwerp-based visual artist who is especially known for a body of work which defies pigeonholing. Tyfus creates installations, videos, drawings, no choice tattoos, performances, radio broadcasts and runs the “Ultra Eczema” record label. Since 2020, he has been represented by Tim Van Laere Gallery.


Yann Laissy or more commonly known by his Nom de guerre, “Pache”. He is a young Belgian Portuguese Visual Artist that dances on the lines from Pop Art to Graffiti. He was recently commissioned to design a mural for the city of Luxembourg.