April is all fun and games, being the clown version of yourself and shooting one lame word pun after another. But the best jokes don’t write themselves, and we all know you’ve been endlessly recycling the same 3 witty scripts from your favorite TV show. Now, let’s get you back on track with these 10 sitcoms no one has ever heard about (copy-worthy jokes guaranteed): 

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1. Hard times to fall in love

The title doesn’t lie, it’s a hard-knock life for us singles. That’s why you need some inspiration on how to laugh with your own love misery. Friendship talks, lover issues and desperate Tinder swiping? This Streamz show has every mundane life scene to copy-paste into yours, chuckles included. 


2. After Life

You haven’t lived if you haven’t explored the dark dungeons of black humor. Ricky Gervais is the king of it and teaches you all about it in this series about a widow trying to pick up his life after his wife dies. Disclaimer: you won’t be a better person after watching this, but you sure will have some sophisticated dark jokes up your sleeve. 


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3. The Unusual Suspects

Comedy, drama & mystery: sounds like the perfect mix to base your personality on if it’s up to us. ‘The Unusual Suspects’ follows five women coming together to ensure justice after the theft of a multi-million-dollar necklace. Far-fetched? Maybe … . Funny as hell? Absolutely!


4. Superstore

Always wondered what life is like behind the scenes of your local grocery store? Probably not, but ‘Superstore’ will tell you all about it anyway. This sitcom is your comedy savior to gain some inspiration while getting ready to face the world. For real, this is definitely one of those no-brain-shows to replace your own scary thoughts with on the daily.


5. High Maintenance

There’s no better place to get yourself some new jokes than at your local dealer. This Streamz sitcom follows the daily life of a New York cannabis dealer who likes to deep dive into the lives of his clients. Experience in the field of jokes? No doubt!


6. Seinfeld

Classic never goes out of style, which is why Seinfeld is the teacher you’ll need. We won’t waste our words over here. Just watch the damn funny thing. 

7. Togetherness

Comedy-drama by the Duplass brothers, do we even need to say more? Streamz treats you with the story of two couples living under the same roof while trying to keep their relationship alive and pursue their dreams. Be honest, even the idea of it sounds ridiculous.


8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

New York is not only perfect scenery for Gossip Girl but also for the infamous Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. This series has all the lame dad jokes your father in law will LOVE. You’re welcome!

9. Love Life

You already know you’re gonna have a good time if Anna Kendrick pops up on the screen, and this time, it’s no different. The series about young adults facing the struggles of life will get you all the jokes you’ll need.


10. Friends

This list wouldn’t be a real sitcom list if Friends wasn’t in it, and you know it. So feel free to be ashamed if you don’t get the inside joke: like, could there bé anything better?