12 best Apps on the TADAAM TV Box

The TADAAM TV Box is not just a regular TV Box. It’s your gateway to transforming any regular screen into a Smart TV. But with millions of apps available, which ones are worth your time? Apart from YouTube and Spotify, there are many more surprising apps you can use on Android TV. We’ll introduce the 12 best apps, all available on your TADAAM TV Box – and therefore, straight on your TV!

In the category: sports


If something happens in the boxing or wrestling world, it’s on TrillerTV! Stream all games, from MMA, Boxing, Pro Wrestling to Bare Knuckle Fighting and Martial Arts – free and pay-per-view. It’s easy to watch on your TV using the TrillerTV app on your TADAAM TV Box.


Where are those sports fans? With NHLMLB or NBA, ou stream your favourite sports games for a small annual fee (and those games that don’t air on local TV where you live)! These 3 apps are your one-stop-shop for all things hockey, football, baseball or basketball. From news to scores, stats, tickets, arena info, and highlights; there’s no other app you need to unleash your sports fandom. Check out these apps if you want to save some cash, instead of going for a huge subscription with lots of channels you might not be interested in.

In the category: live TV & TV on demand


A no-brainer. Of course, Disney+ is available on our TADAAM TV BOX. Make sure to stream Lady & the Tramp while eating spaghetti or get lost in space in a Galaxy Far Far Away…


Another life hack! Watch every video ever made on YouTube with the TADAAM TV Box. Look up tutorials, carpool karaoke or the newest video clips from your favourite artist on big screen.


Find it hard to keep coming up with ideas to entertain the youngest in the house? YouTube Kids keeps your kids amused and guarantees you won’t have to monitor what’s jumping up on their screen. Now that’s what we call a win-win.


Want to keep up with your Flemish classics? Watch your favorite classics and exclusive Flemish fiction on your TADAAM TV Box with Streamz & Streamz+. The app also offers a wide array of popular, international series, including the renowned HBO series. Streamz basically is the Flemish Netflix!


From games to music and beyond. Watch gamers play Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA 21, League of Legends and much more with the Twitch app. Live chat during any game, so you can connect with other watchers all over the world. Sounds like entertainment to us!


Watch thousands and thousands of movies, series and all-time classics, recommended for you, including Amazon Originals with Prime Video app. Buy or rent videos from more than 100,000 titles, including the newest productions fresh out of Hollywood. The cheapest video streaming service out there ($2.99/mo)!

In the category: music


Spotify is even better on a big screen! Transform your living room into a karaoke extravaganza and cast lyrics of virtually every song out there on the big screen. Or put on some mellow pop while working from home, your choice!

In the category: productivity 


Turn the bad habit of binging into a less harmful practice for your productivity! You can actually view quite a few stats with the tvusage app, including your daily and weekly usage habits. Also, you can limit your daily screen time limit and get reminders when it’s time to stop watching TV. Additionally, the app allows you to pin lock any Android TV app (great if you have kids!) and exclude apps if you want to track usage. It’s basically like screen time on your phone, but for your TV.

In the category: entertainment


Do you find it difficult to follow recipes? Are you always reading the instructions over and over? Learn how to cook with the free app Kitchen Stories! This app offers step-by-step photo and video instructions, so it’s easy to follow along.

12. CALM

Don’t really feel relaxed after watching your favorite shows? Try Calm for Android TV, the ultimate relaxation app that transports you to serene landscapes with soothing sounds. Are you intovmindfulness? Then the wide range of meditation series will blow your mind. Trouble sleeping? Calm’s Sleep Stories will whisk you away to dreamland. Ohmmmm…

Unlimited entertainment with the TADAAM TV Box

With the TADAAM TV Box and these top-notch apps, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re seeking entertainment, productivity, or relaxation, your TADAAM TV Box has everything you need to enhance your viewing experience. So why wait? Dive in and start exploring today!

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