5 LGBTQ-centric TV shows you’ll fall in love with.

1. RuPaul’s Drag Race: drag queens, drama and something about a library.

Is RuPaul’s Drag Race the mother of all queer shows? Possibly. Can you summarize it as Project Runway for drag queens? You could, but it would sell the iconic show and RuPaul short. Now in its 13th season, the reality competition has a lot more to offer than just a group of sassy queens competing for the title – and sparkly crown – of America’s Next Drag Superstar. Juicy one-liners, reality drama, fashuuuun, legit life lessons, fierce lip sync battles, hilarious roasts, a glimpse of drag culture, genius make-up looks … we could go on for days. Or you can just watch the show. Now sashay away.

2. Euphoria: a killer Zendaya on drugs

Ok ok, the above title might be harsh, but it fits Euphoria like a glove. The HBO high school teen drama is dark, explicit, and shockingly real but beautiful, melancholic, and painfully sweet at the same time. Zendaya is beyond brilliant as the self-destructive Rue. Recovering from an accidental overdose, she hits it off with Jules, a mesmerizing trans girl, but keeps struggling with her addiction as well. Besides accurately capturing the painful beauty of being a teen, Euphoria excels on a level of cinematography and soundtrack as well. You’ll be hooked in no time, we promise.

3. Young Royals: God save the queer

A queer coming out mixed with some blue blood. Yaaaasss queen. We can’t get enough of Young Royals. The series tells the story of Wilhelm, Sweden’s teen prince, while he finds himself being attracted to Simon, one of the other boys at the elite boarding school he was sent off to by his royal mom. What we love most about the show though, is its realness. The actors are actual teens. Pimply faces included. The Swedish language and the intimately captured love scenes only made us worship this show even more.

4. Special: gay, disabled and owning it

Being young and gay is one thing. Being young, gay and disabled takes it to a whole other level. Ryan O’Connell, who created, wrote, and starred in Special makes it all go down very smoothly though. The series shows Ryan’s reality in such a lightheaded, witty way you can’t look away. Not even when he loses his virginity to a sex worker in a slightly awkward, but loving way. It doesn’t get any more honest than this people. So please, watch and learn.

5. Pose: category is … late 80’s ballroom galore

If you’ve got a soft spot for spot-on 80’s fashion, you’re in for a treat. Pose isn’t just about fashion though. Set in late 80’s New York, the series depicts the early rise of the ballroom scene in a most contagious way. Vogue hands, Donna Summer soundtrack and shoulder pads included. We follow main character and mother of the House of Evangelista, Blanca and her children as they face the Aids crisis, transphobia, sexism and racism. Pose doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk too. The show features the largest trans cast in scripted television history. That alone should be reason enough for you to watch it.