American sports galore on your TADAAM TV BOX

Your TADAAM TV BOX has a lot to offer, a whole bundle of things you could say. Just take the slew of OTT platforms. No idea what that is? Think about it for a second! OTT stands for Over-The-Top, a streaming service that you can watch directly via the Internet. Just like Netflix. Or YouTube. But also sports platforms galore. And it’s about time I took a closer look at what’s on offer.

Ah, the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve… Traditionally just as crammed full as the stuffed turkey on the table, but with family celebrations. This year, it will be a different matter. It’s a shame, but it does give me the opportunity to spend my time channel-hopping, slumped on the sofa. So I’ve decided to check out absolutely everything there is to know about my TADAAM TV BOX.

As a self-proclaimed armchair sports champion, I mainly watch “European” sports competitions. But – don’t ask me why – I suddenly feel the need to get into all those sports that get the Americans so excited. Some OTT platforms give you a direct access to a lot of content. So there’s never been a better time to take the plunge…. kitted out with a packet of biscuits, because finding a gigantic pack of popcorn in such a short time would be too much of an effort.


I start off with basketball, the “American” sport we are most familiar with. On TADAAM you can install If you want to watch the games of the day, you need an NBA League Pass. You can start off with a 1-month pass. After all, a bit of fun and games is what you need in these times of lockdown? But even without this pass, you can enjoy hours of entertainment following your favourite basketball teams. Whether it’s short videos showing the 10 best defences, the best finishes or the best dunks.


But the height of pleasure has to be the 2020 NBA finals: 6 games between LeBron James and Jimmy Butler. Real basketball fans know who came out on top. Don’t forget to take a look at the stands. In these Corona times, they are packed with virtual fans and good for a bit of a laugh as, even virtually, they are making themselves heard.

On, fans can also take a look back at several classics that they can rediscover in their entirety. I came across a 1984 match between the New York Knicks and the New Jersey Nets, now known as the Brooklyn Nets. These shorts are much too short but make great TV! The acrobatic dunks, the lightning counter-attacks and the three superb points. Quite simply timeless.


From the court to the rink. At you can experience the best of ice hockey. The puck seems to shoot across the ice when I watch the game summary. In just 5 minutes you can see the highlights of last season’s games. A series of unbelievable goals, as well as masterful faked shots that bring the opponents to their knees. Even the way the goals are “celebrated” is worth watching. And let’s face it: seeing a player get boarded is priceless.

The good thing about it is that you can watch all the content by team. Personally, I decided to become a fan of the Dallas Stars for the afternoon and became obsessed with the adventures of the green jerseys and the Stanley Cup, the National Hockey League play-offs. The Stars made it all the way to the final, where they lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning. In addition to summaries of intense contests, you can also discover videos that take you behind the scenes. I still can’t get over the fact that so many hockey players sacrifice so many of their teeth to the sport. Their helmets clearly don’t offer enough  protection.

Every self-respecting sports channel has its own talk show where discussions are raised to an art form. This also applies to In addition to his expert commentary, the presenter’s most striking features are his completely offbeat shirt and curious Fu Manchu moustache. Equally amusing are the “Mic’d Up” sessions, where you can hear the coaches in the changing rooms motivating the players. Or discussions between referees and players. Maybe a good idea for our Jupiler Pro League: “There’s a penalty kick, you must be joking! »

A bit of insider information for fans: the new NHL season starts on the 13th of January. So not long to go now.

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I’ve really got a taste for it now, and I’m testing the NFL application. The world of American football. Between the lines stand 2 teams of 11 men, each built like a tank, solidly jammed together. The aim is to try to place the ball in the opponent’s goal area. Or between the goalposts, although they get fewer points for doing that.

I’m starting to find my way around the American sports applications. The NFL’s OTT platform also offers content by team, as well as summaries of legendary games from the past. The Grind is exclusive to the NFLNFL. This series takes you on a weekly tour of the field and behind the scenes. It has a very American feel too, with bombastic, heroic music and a good dose of showmanship. Imagine the scene, smoke cannons as teams take to the field, or fighter planes in formation flying over the stadium. The reports last a few minutes each time, which is ideal given my limited ability to concentrate during my lazy afternoon on the couch.

Ready-made videos show fun moments, such as the euphoria of the players after a touchdown. “They’re doing Tik-Tok dances now?! “I said to the 11 year old who joined me on the couch to watch them. Ok I was way off the mark but, you have to admit, watching these big guys being flanked by perfectly synchronized choreography is seriously funny.


The commentators have no shortage of comebacks. And when one of the players bumps into the fence, the rejoinder can be stinging: “Let’s hope he comes out in one piece. “And the Americans wouldn’t be the Americans without a well-placed comment from time to time. “Cannonball coming,” warns the commentator.


Longer reports show magnificent images of the rich history of baseball. For example, you can discover the extraordinary story of Jim Abbott, the legendary pitcher born without a right hand. Another great report traces the path of the St. Louis Cardinals to the title in 1982. With Kool & The Gang and “America”, you are catapulted back into the 80s. And then there are the moustaches – again! – that leave no doubt about the decade we are in. But above all, of course, you’ll discover incredible baseball footage that, as a sports fan, will keep you on the edge of your seat, the best in the house.