Boxers do not pull punches on TADAAM

Your TADAAM TV BOX is the gateway to a huge offering of sports. Perfect for this chilly time of year! TADAAM is home to a myriad of OTT platforms that shows sports and nothing but sports. How about kicking back of an afternoon to enjoy an afternoon’s boxing, mixed martial arts and other combat sports?

Christmas is a celebration of peace and goodwill to all men (and women). But there is preciously little of that on platforms such as DAZN, FITE, UFC and WWE where punches and kicks are traded with abandon and gusto. The sweat abundantly spatters all over the place, with blood being drawn. There is certainly no shortage of spectacle! So let’s keep the lid on those peace wishes for now.


Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, talk about a tongue twister! There is a reason why the man is known to all and sundry as GGG. The 38-year old Kazachstani middleweight is nothing short of a phenomenon, with no fewer than 36 knock-outs to his name

In the IBC world title fight, his next victim is Kamil Szeremeta from Poland. The nice thing about the fight is that DAZN is broadcasting it in different formats: the 5 highlights, a 10-minute summary or the fight in full. Whichever format you decide on: it is always Triple G outstanding. When he manages to punch his opponent bang on his nose twice, it’s almost as though I can feel it hurting myself. Ouch!

Even seasoned boxing fans are certain to be catered for on DAZN as curious sports lovers. You can view the content per individual boxer. Or allow yourself to be swept up by hyperkinetic waves of The Ak & Barak Show.

Equally smashing are the full top fights from the days of yore. My pick is the clash between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko from 2017. Wembley is packed to the rafters (these were the days when a sold-out house was still allowed). Klitschko is 41, but looks like a 25-year old. Both men look particularly well trim and toned, veins running across muscles like cables. Anthony Joshua clearly chomping at the bit. A few rounds into the match, Klitschko is starting to look a little older than a “25-year old”. By the end of the fight, Joshua is laying into him, so much so that he is almost beating him to a pulp. “That was some fight!” You can say that again.


MMA, boxing, pro wrestling, bare knuckle fighting or martial arts: you name it, FITE’s got it. There is a load of free content. I start out with a match of pro wrestling, where I am treated from the get-go to shiny outfits, Kiss-style make-up, pathetic metal and pounding canon bursts. It is over-the-top, but not in the sense of OTT.

FITE has a lot more to offer than just pro wrestling. Take the pre-fight musings ahead of the Roy Jones Jr. versus Mike Tyson match. Iron Mike is no longer a spring chicken, as his grey stubble shows. But he’s still one mean fighter.

With Irvin Gonzalez versus Edward Vazquez, the younger generation is also featured. “Great champs”: I can only concur with the commentator. It’s a high quality fight, with things remaining tense and exciting until the final bell sounds. “No losers tonight!” Yet it’s the jury that decides. To find out how they adjudicated the match, check FITE.

I decide to round out my time on FITE with some bare knuckle fighting. “Helloooooooooo!”, the announcer booms in welcoming the audience, wearing his best shiny silver dinner jacket. Proceedings kick off with Adam Pellerano versus Rusty Crowder, with Pellerano looking like a high-strung predator. When the bell rings and he is let loose … The entire match is riddled with feints with Rusty looking more ghostly by the minute. His white face taking on an increasingly more red complexion. He is no match for Pellerano.

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With the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC), I’ve landed with the mixed martial arts. The announcer – this one also wearing a glitzy jacket – introduces lightweights Valentina Shevchenko and Jennifer Maia. Or Kyrgyzstan versus Brazil. I can’t think of many sports disciplines where this results in a balance fight. But MMA is very much the exception. The ladies soon have each other in a vice on the canvas, which does not do much for the fight. My eye catches the slogan “Hospital for special surgery.” Just thinking out aloud but could this be where some of the fighters are headed when they step out of the octagonal cage?

The clash between Kaytlin Chookagian and Cynthia Calvillo shows MMA can be quite thrilling as the fighting does not go down to ground level right away, with both ladies boxing and kicking to their hearts’ content!

UFC too shows memorable fights from years gone by. I decide to check out Gian Villante versus Saparbek Safarov, back in 2016. Russian Safarov looks a little less toned, as is evidenced by the fat rolls above his waistband. But he is taking one hell of a battering from American Villante! It’s not long before Safarov is daubed in his own blood. But conceding is not a word he seems to be familiar with, even though he’s wobbly on that left leg.

After the first 5-minute round, the Russian is barely keeping it together. Villante has no mercy. In the second round, all Safarov can do is protect himself by holding his hands in front of his face as the Yank continues to mercilessly pound him. Needless to say he comes out the victor in this game of David versus Goliath.


I conclude my afternoon’s viewing session with WWE, which is pro wrestling. Long hair, latex underpants and spooky masks are all part and parcel of the men’s looks. The ladies come out with plunging necklines, tonnes of make-up and big hair like the 1980s never went away. After each punch they take, the wrestlers take their time to regain their composure – not something all of them can play-act with credibility. A characteristic feature is that one moment where the fallen hero defencelessly waits for the next blow. And in spite of all the show, the commentators remain deadly serious, completely wrapped up in the proceedings.

Above the ring is the belt waiting fort he winner. The climax is moving ever closer when the ladders appear. But even as they climb their way up, the wrestlers continue to knock seven bells out of each other. Anything for the show! Pro wrestling is hugely popular, as evidence by the packed stands. If you’re fan, we’ve got good news for you, WWE runs 4-hour shows for you to look forward to. Knock yourself out!