Confusing shows that have ridiculously good-looking people in it

Hard to follow? Yes! Did we still love it? Yes!

Keeping up with Westeros

Game of Thrones – Has anyone else binged an entire series and probably still can’t name the characters by heart? Guilty. But between confusing names, complex storylines and an ending that caused an absolute riot on the web, it couldn’t have been just us that had questions?

Toss a coin… backwards, sideways and in between

The Witcher – Netflix’s answer to the whole fantasy TV show craze based off of the popular video game. Sure, it was pretty interesting. But anyone else got kinda mind f’ed in the end – and just with non-linear story telling in general?


Archie – but make it Murder Mystery

Riverdale – Between making Betty Cooper inherently evil, having numerous serial killers, and an ambiguous timestamp, this murder mystery themed spin on the Archie comics is a hot mess. Also, how are the teenagers in this town look well into their 20’s and all models?


Who’s “A” now?

Pretty Little Liars – Sure, the show was entertaining. But with several “A” reveals, bringing their dead friend back to life and introducing a completely new character as “A” in the end, the show raised a lot of questions.

Trash but Good Trash

Too Hot to Handle – A dating show with hot people on an island where they can’t bone let – alone kiss or hug each other? Not confusing at all but how did it get on TV? Did we still binge it all in one sitting? Absolutely.