First off: this is not a review of Jack Kerouac’s novel. We repeat; it is not. All literary heroes aside, remember that blog post in which we obsess about Destiny’s Child’s Survivor? That one about going off the grid, but not really? Well, that’s what this is about. Eight lucky people actually got to experience first-hand what it’s like road tripping across Belgium with flawless internet provided by yours truly. Uhu, they won our Explore giveaway. We sent them off with a TADAAM modem and the cutest teardrop trailer we could find. They explored. They enjoyed. And they returned with averagely exciting stories. Because, you know, it is still Belgium. But with a smile on their faces, nonetheless. Mission accomplished! We talked to three of them and here’s what they had to say about it.  

Winner number one was Peter, a seasoned camper. He did a regular tour de Flanders and started off his trip at the Belgian coast. After Cadzand and Breskens it was off to Antwerpen and Gent, where he parked his Droplife trailer at Camping Blaarmeersen and met up with some friends. We asked him if our cable-free Wi-Fi came in handy during his little road trip.  

“It sure did. I used TADAAM to check my Instagram and Facebook in the evening. Or to map out my walks before I headed out. It’s particularly handy if you’re parked in a faraway corner of the camping where the Wi-Fi is weak. It saves you the trip of going to the main building where the camping site’s own Wi-Fi network usually is the strongest.”

No more edge walks for you, Peter. You’re welcome. Benjamin, our second winner, took his girlfriend out on a four-day camping trip to Durbuy. Not necessarily being “camping people, they were pleasantly surprised by the entire thing. They even got friendly with some of the camping’s regulars, bonding over their cute Droplife trailer. We asked Benjamin if he didn’t mind a TADAAM modem third wheeling his romantic getaway 

“Not at all. We actually have TADAAM at home, so we’re used to it. We plugged it in and watched a movie, just like we always do. With that cosy teardrop camper and our Wi-Fi close-by it didn’t feel like camping at all. More like glamping.”

Glad we helped you tap into your inner camping kid, Benjamin. Our third winner was Michelle. She couldn’t wait to take TADAAM and that Droplife trailer for a spin together with her partner. The only problem? They couldn’t get time off from work. So, they simply camped out on their parents’ vineyard for the weekend. It turns out, TADAAM wasn’t a stranger to them either 

“Camping in my parents’ vineyard was lovely. We really enjoyed the tiny camper. The first night, we slept in the trailer. The second night, we tried out the tent. And in the evening, we watched Netflix. We absolutely loved it. TADAAM is no stranger to us. We actually installed it in a house we rent out to expats, so they could just plug it in and surf without the hassle of needing a domicile address.”

Not to cross any boundaries here Michelle, but uhm … please take us with you next time. Pretty please?