Help the TADAAM fam grow and get free months of TADAAM!

How to get those free months, you ask? If you get your friend to join TADAAM and stay on for 6 months, your first next billing after that is for free! (or more, if you play your cards right). The more people that you convince to join, the higher you level up in the trophy room. Think like you’re going up a level in school, but get rewarded with free months!


The day after your friend joins the TADAAM fam, we will take away the speed cap of your TADAAM modem. Currently, your speed is capped at 30mbps or 50mbps, depending on your plan (Standard or Premium). Let’s find out how fast your modem can actually go when we completely take away the limits! Gaming, watching TADAAM, and downloading movies PLUS the whole photo album of your last trip at the SAME TIME? Hell yeah!


Level up from Freshman to Graduate in the Trophy Room and get as many free months as possible. As soon as one of your friends join TADAAM, you earn 1 point. (if your mom is your only friend, that’s cool. She counts too) If your friend (or mom) stays on for 6 months, you earn an additional 4 points. That’s 5 points for each friend that enjoys TADAAM! Now, what happens with each level up? Stay tuned for more surprises.

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Breakdown: How to score some free TADAAM? 

  • If you haven’t already, go to MyTADAAM.
  • Go to “Refer a Friend”.
  • Copy your referral link to share it with your bestie, boo, or any chosen amigo (if your mom’s your only friend, that’s cool too)! Or let your friend scan the QR code directly.
  • Make absolute sure that your friend opens your link and smashes that order button.
  • Go to MyTADAAM and go to Trophy Room to check whether your friend actually listened to you and has subscribed successfully.
  • Make sure that your )friend (or your mom) stays on for at least 6 months. And then TADAAM! You will be rewarded with one month of free Internet.
  • Invite more new TADAAMers and get more free months!

Now, who’s ready to get free service and help grow our pyramid sche- oops, we mean TADAAM FAM!?