It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means: a lot of spare time! Wondering how you’ll spend your days? TADAAM got you a list of all the useful ànd useless gems to reinvent yourself during the end-of-year week (or to get binging from Monday until Sunday, we don’t judge!).


It’s on everyone’s list, but nobody really does it: tackling the big mess at home. This may be the perfect time of year to explore the wonderful world in your TV cabinet because you’ll probably dig up some cash over there to spend on your Christmas presents. Give your home office a makeover while you’re at it, because there’s definitely a lonely cable waiting to move over to the trash can. While your channeling your inner Marie Kondo, you can go ahead and clean up your TADAAM MODEM by updating your TV app. Unseen app stability and next-level recording options will be waiting for you!



After all the productivity, you’ll deserve a moment to sit back, relax and take it easy. You’ll finally have all the time on your hands to hold on to your TV remote and check out all the shows and movies with a deliciously crunchy Christmas snack. No idea how to get started? Then check out our 10 favorite sitcoms, they’re worth the watch!


Apart from alle the productivity and the binging: you’ve probably didn’t think about the dish you’ll be bringing to the 87 Christmas dinners, right? SAVIOR IS NEAR! These delicious apéro snacks from your favorite movies and shows are always a great idea (unless you’re planning on pushing meat and peas in your trifle). After the cooking, you’ll ace your last-minute Christmas shopping at your gas station, because believe it or not: they have all the goodies for last-minute shoppers like you!


The last thing on your Christmas wishlist? ENJOYING LIFE!