Moving to a new place? Perfect timing to get a TADAAM BOX!

Moving involves a lot of stress. Skip the hassle and install your TV and internet yourself, no more waiting for technicians!

Moving involves a lot of stress: you need to inform the postal services of your new address, change your electricity and gas contracts, notify your insurance company, … You don’t want to add unnecessary waiting times and appointments with technicians to that long list of chores. What if we said there was a way to skip all the hassle and install your TV and internet yourself? TADAAM is fast and limitless mobile internet and TV, delivered within 24 hours.


With TADAAM, you will be online in no-time. You’ll be scrolling through your social media or enjoying your favourite programmes on TV before you even have a sofa to sit on!

How do you become a TADAAM customer? Simply place an order on our website and we will immediately start processing your order with the TADAAM modem and TADAAM BOX. If you order the internet and TV box before 22:00, your package will already be at your (new) doorstep the next day.

What to do next? If you have received your package, you can get your internet and TV connection up and running straight away. All you need are two power plugs: one for your modem and one for your box. But that shouldn’t be a problem with a new home like yours! Setting up TADAAM is so fast, you can even do it while you’re taking a break from painting the walls, yay!

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The TADAAM modem uses wireless technology and connects to the mobile 4G network, converting it into WiFi for your home. But the thing you need to remember, is you don’t need to wait for a technician who needs to install coax or vDSL cables.

The TADAAM box is our very own media player, which connects to the network provided by the TADAAM modem, giving you instant access to 30+ HD channels. After a long day of hard work in your new home, you can now sit down and have some well-deserved relaxing time while you watch your favourite television shows.


Once you have TADAAM WiFi, you can watch TV over the internet in any room of your home, or even beyond that. Your practical little box can be moved to any room that has a TV screen and a power socket. Let’s say you’ve temporarily installed your TV screen in another room while you were finishing the wallpaper in the living room. But now, you want to move it. Just unplug the box and the TV, take them to the actual room you want to install them in and plug them in there. It’s that simple.