Ellooo TADAAM’er! It’s your bestie Smooz talking!

 Today is the day that your ✨big brain personality ✨is about to flourish like never before! You already knew that rolling op your clothes is the way to go to overpack like no other and that plastic bags filled with hot water are lifesavers for your frozen car  windows. And if you didn’t know that, you know now! My name wouldn’t be Smooz if I didn’t already look into the next-level hacks you didn’t know you needed, so here you have them:


You’re probably almost wondering how on earth I come up with all these genius ideas, but luckily I have my allies! The crazy talented artists – and Smooz besties – Niet Nu Laura and Straatletters know all about the best shortcuts in life, so they took their favorite pen and their TADAAM to the station and drew the ultimate lifehack over there. They also asked TADAAM’ers about their go-to shortcuts while they were at it. You can read the best of them here!



Being lazy isn’t my thing, but smart thinking is, which is why it’s best to leave the last three drops of soda in the bottle so you don’t have to get a new one yourself. Depositing the cash from your TakeAway side hustle afterwards? Ain’t nobody got time for that! You can just hide your money in a menstrual pad under your TADAAM modem, where no one will be looking anyway! Use one to catch all the sweat from your big brain too! In between all those unseen hacks, I bet you still have time to install your internet and TV in 5 minutes and also find the best internet signal with TADAAM.


Net zoals een nieuwe fles frisdrank gaan halen ongezien veel moeite vraagt, doet inchecken met je vrienden dat ook. Net als ik altijd al die slechte bestie geweest die om de vijf weken beseft dat je bijna niet meer weet hoe je vrienden eruitzien? Laat Siri je berichtjes sturen om de eerstvolgende diners te plannen! Eens dat het vriendenavondje een feit is, is het meer dan sociaal aanvaard om vlak voor de opruim naar de pot te rennen om de afwas te vermijden en ondertussen je opnames op de TADAAM TV app te checken. Krijg je er maar niet genoeg van? Dan ben je hier* helemaal op je plek!