Are you head over heels in love with the craziest tech gems which hype up your inner geek? This will still be your lucky day then, even if that’s not the case because you might be the first one to get yourself the next generation of internet. TADAAAAAAM: 5G technology! Before you go totally nuts you’ll read all about it over here… 


TADAAM has always been on top of the trends, and just like the rest of our cool kid gang, we always know what you’re waiting for. Musical.ly was our favorite app before TikTok was even a thing, and we were the first who spotted that Miley and Liam were breakup material. We also predicted that all TADAAM’ers would get on the road as soon as their internet & TV would join them. That’s exactly why we were in a hurry to spoil you with a new 5G toy! 



You’re probably dying to put on your Dora backpack and get exploring. We made sure all TADAAM’ers would enjoy a banging start, so last year, the diehard people of Leuven got to try out the 5G modem first and they approved! Soon it will be your turn to discover the 5G magic. You don’t need to worry about a 5G apocalypse or a matching 5G tail because this 5th generation of the mobile network is only here to improve your life because it’ll treat you to an extra stable connection! The speed of your TADAAM will still depend on your TADAAM subscription, though.



Longing to get your own precious 5G modem? Keep an eye on your mailbox because we might be sliding in your DM’s to swap your current modem for a next-level 5G one, all for free! When you get the 5G email and confirm us, we’ll take care of it. Disclaimer: only TADAAM’ers who live in a 5G network-proof area will be able to join. No worries tho, Belgium is totally ready for the 5G network and will definitely be available in your area soon! Ready? Set? Let’s get that 5G!