There’s no need to beat around the bush: this summer is going to be GREAT! Hot and sweaty work days? They’ll be your favorite, you just don’t know it yet! Still wondering how you’ll ace one deadline after another with an iced latte? The time has come: Smooz is your lifesaver who’ll guide you through summer and make your days way easier. 


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Who the hell is Smooz? There are probably a billion alarm bells going off in your head (or just one, that’s also fine). This green revelation is set on cutting cables and waiting lines and will be turning the hassle into hacks. Tricks to take your internet on the road, the best coffee work spots, and bingeable shows: she’s got them all! It almost sounds like we’re exaggerating? Are we? Don’t think so! 


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A break from your colleagues and the smell of roasted coffee beans to finish your endless to-do list, Smooz is on it! Her suggestions? You’ve got them right over here! Take your TADAAM internet with you and ace your deadlines from Gent in ‘Huset’, ‘Het Moment’, or ‘Café Labath’. Need some peer pressure in Antwerp? Then get yourself a seat at ‘Cafematic’, ‘Kolonel coffee’ or ‘Caffènation’. 

BXL lovers have everything they need at ‘Café de la Presse’, ‘Peck 47’ and ‘Bambino’. Going a little further to Liege? Smooz tested out and approved ‘Grand maison’, ‘Darius’, and ‘Get your mug’ over there. She also didn’t forget the OG’s of Louvain-La Neuve cause she’s sending them to ‘High Five specialty coffee roastery’ and (Paul because Paul never disappoints, and you know it).


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When you’re done with all the work, it’ll be time for some well deserved rest, and Smooz knows exactly how you’ll finesse that part. That’s why she listed the best bingeable shows to laugh your ass off. So take your ice cubes and your TADAAM modem outside for the ultimate break underneath the burning sun. Don’t even think about sun flare or an overheated laptop; Smooz has all the tricks for it! In a crazier mood? She also explored the road trip of your dreams. So, let’s get things moving!