The internet subscription that fits you

Kudos to you, life is throwing you one hard decision after the other, and you’re catching them all. Ordering fried rice or noodles? TikTokking or binge watching? Sleeping in or grinding the game? One wrong decision could change the rest of your day and that’s on you. Apart from all the super important questions which are haunting your mind, we’re answering the most important one: ‘which internet provider is best?’(spoiler: it’s TADAAM). Hop on, let’s get you on the web!

You’ve been staring at the same walls for wa-aay too long, so it’s time to get out. Right now, it’s the start of you and internet without cable. Guess it’s your lucky day, cause that’s exactly what TADAAM has got for you: internet and TV bundles without the hassle of installing it. Ain’t nobody got time for that right? Wireless internet is a basic need to survive, before you know it, you’re stuck in a Kanye conspiracy theory you NEED to know everything about. That’s why we got you internet nearby, so you’re always up-to-date with the latest juice. Take your TADAAM anywhere you go so you never have the awful ‘OH NO, the internet is not working’-panic attack.

Low budget internet

We know it, you know it: life is hella expensive and that’s why we’re not even judging your cheap ass. Internet for the stingy ones? Coming your way! TADAAM STANDARD has the basics you need to get through life. What’s in it you say? Unlimited internet that will get you going during your favorite road trips to all the Belgian hot spots. Fear of commitment, it’s a curse & a blessing that only allows the best ones to enter your life. That’s why you’re free to take a TADAAM break whenever you like. We all need some space from time to time right? So spread your wings, we’re right here to fly with you (when you’re ready).

Premium style

Up for the premium speed? Treat yourself with 10 bits more fun to get yourself surfing at an unseen speed. Say goodbye to the slow internet-days, because with 50 Mbps, you’ll have your downloads in the blink of an eye. You’ll even be able to treat the little parasites in your life because you’ll be enjoying the TADAAM fun on three different screens. Premium? Let’s get this sh*t!

Platinum speed baby!

Looking for the fastest thing on the market? TADAAM Platinum is your guy! The fastest internet in Belgium is taking you on a 100 Mbps race against time. Last minute deadline? Uploaded! Downloading the two Euphoria seasons? Done! 

One thing’s for sure and that’s which internet subscription is best: TADAAM duuuh?