Hold onto your routers because TADAAM just unleashed some fantastic updates that are bound to make your online life even more thrilling! We’ve leveled up our game, and it’s about to get more lit than a viral cat meme. Here’s the scoop.


Pause & reactivate automatically

We get it – life can be more tangled than a mess of cables, and sometimes you need a breather, even from your internet & TV subscription. We get it. But getting back on track after your digital detox can also be a hassle. And at TADAAM, we’re all about no cables, but also no hassle. Now, when you pause your TADAAM subscription, you have the flexibility to choose the duration. Say goodbye to the worry of how to reactivate your subscription – it happens automatically, quicker than a GIF loads.

Follow these easy steps

  1. Pause your subscription 
  2. Choose your duration (up to 6 months)
  3. Boom! You’re paused 
  4. After your digital siesta, we’ll reactivate you automatically

And the best part? You can jump back into the TADAAM-life anytime! If you start missing us and want to get back to enjoying your TADAAM internet & TV, just hit the ‘reactivate subscription’ button.

Refer a Friend

Our refer-a-friend program just got a makeover. She’s no longer the shy geek with glasses from that 80s movie, no! Now she’s prom queen to be with big hair & big dreams. With the refer a friend program, you can invite your besties to become TADAAMers too, and here’s the deal – when they stay connected for 6 months, you score a whole month of free unlimited internet & TV. 

So here’s the quick guide:

  1. Find friends who could use better internet & TV
  2. Invite said friends with a nifty invitation link.
  3. Track your friends’ progress like a pro gamer.
  4. Once your buddy hits the 6-month mark, it’s time to celebrate with a free month!

TADAAM Positioning App (TPS)

Have you heard about our TADAAM Positioning App? It’s had a glow-up too! Now, finding the perfect spot for your TADAAM modem is a breeze. It’s like optimizing your WiFi signal – but for real life! Like with your own two hands. #DIY #HomeMade

How to use it? Easy!

  1. Download TPS and log in (iOS & Android)
  2. Find your T-spot
  3. Move your TADAAM to this T-spot

That’s it. Exciting times at TADAAM! Surf the waves of these new features, and keep an eye out for more updates in the future.