TV/Movie Apéro Inspiration Ideas

Looking for some apéro inspo?
From the Carrie’s Cosmos in SATC to the (beef) Trifle in Friends,
ever noticed how much TV and movie culture has impacted our foodie (and boozie) life?
Here’s some of our favorite eating and drinking screen moments that will be sure to lead you anywhere from hungry to hangry or feeling like besties with your fav fictional friends ?

One Cosmo please!

The cosmopolitan or “cosmo” from Sex & The CIty Or often referred to as “Cosmo” in the beloved show. It was the “it drink” for any Manhattan socialite. Aka any girl (and guy) that daydreamed of being in Carrie Bradshaw’s inner circle. (Catch Sex and the City on Streamz)



Here’s the recipe

Rats! There’s a rat in my Ratatouille!

…At least in that cute, animated flick. But if you’re feeling a little French today, try it out. And if you haven’t seen it or don’t know the dish, don’t worry, rats aren’t an ingredient. (Catch Ratatouille on Disney+)

Here’s the recipe