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Mounting instructions

Before Mounting

Your Range+ should be mounted to the side of your home that is the most receptive for good signal. This should be the side that shows the best signal in the Install Helper App (see manual). Please make sure you follow steps 1 to 3 from the physical manual before mounting Range+ to the outside of your home.

Choice of Fixture

You can mount Range+ to either a wall or round surface like a pole or downspout. Optimally, you mount the device to a round surface because this leaves you the possibility to finetune its direction to improve signal reception.

Mounting on a wall



Draw an outline on the wall of the holes with the measurements above and drill the holes.


Put the fishers in the holes and attach the mounting piece to the wall with the screws.


Attach the antenna with its mounting part to the mounting part on the wall with the small screw.

Mounting on a pole



Use a screwdriver to loosen the clamp and release the buckle.


Pass the clamp through the U-shape groove on the mounting part.


Attach the clamp to the pole. Use a screwdriver to tighten the clamp around the pole.


Attach Range+ with its mounting part to the mounting part on the pole with the small screw.


To improve signal reception, you can finetune Range+ its position by measuring signal strength again with the app. This is only possible if you mounted your device to a pole instead of a wall.



Go to MyTADAAM (https://my.tadaam.be/personal-devices) and add your RANGE+ with your devices.


Activate your RANGE+

(FYI: At any time, you can reactivate your indoor TADAAM modem.)

Everybody can install the RANGE+

I don’t have a good indoor coverage, but outside my house it is OK. That is why this Range+ is a perfect solution to enjoy my TADAAM.

Kristof (42), Sint-Niklaas


I never have problems using internet outside of my home but the second I step inside, I lose all signal. With Range+, I can finally enjoy internet inside of my home as well!

Leki (32), Roeselare

CHarlotte (27), Sint-Truiden

Not being handy I was afraid to do it myself, but the whole process took me 10 minutes, super easy!

Charlotte (27), Sint-Truiden

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is the TADAAM RANGE+ a standalone product?

No, the TADAAM RANGE+ is an extension on your existing TADAAM product. You can only use the RANGE+ if you are already a TADAAM customer.

  • Is the TADAAM RANGE+ the solution for my bad internet connection?

The RANGE+ can be the right solution but not in all cases. Only when you are sure that the outdoor coverage is OK, but your indoor coverage is not, the RANGE+ can be the right solution.

  • Why is the TADAAM RANGE+ so expensive?

The RANGE+ is an accessory  that you can buy as an extension to your existing TADAAM product. If you decide to leave TADAAM, you do not have to return your RANGE+.

  • On the TADAAM RANGE+ there is a 5G logo. What does this mean?

This product is compatible with the 5G network. But if you don’t have 5G coverage, it will work on the 4G network.