Life isn’t about the hassle. It’s about the hacks! Embrace shortcuts and make your life easier with TADAAM. Your access to internet & TV has never been easier.

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Treat yourself to a shortcut, they’re free!

Craft your cooking

Save on bills

Stop spoilers

Stay sharp

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Take the internet with you

Life is one big challenge of doing the bare minimum and getting the most out of it. That’s exactly what you’re about to do! Find your favorite power socket, whether it’s at home or on the road, plug in your modem, and TADAAM! 4G/5G-based internet & TV installed in a matter of minutes.

Works everywhere

Whether you’re looking for the best deals on the way to the airport or treating yourself to the leftovers at your parents’: as long as there’s a socket around, you’re good.

No cables

It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy: no need to give yourself an anxiety attack or pay up for a technician. All you need are 5 (really short) minutes to set up your TADAAM to get online.

No limits

Internet limits? Can’t find them in the TADAAM dictionary! Take all the time you need to check every single internet hack for a smooz life. Or just use your internet bundle to browse like never before, it’s your call!

Fast and flawless

There’s no need to take things slow, except when your alarm goes off in the morning. The minute you get up, you’re all about taking the fast lane in life, as you should! Depending on your internet bundle, you’ll enjoy the fastest connection up to 100 Mbps.

Choose your bundle




Choose your bundle

TADAAM Standard

40 Per month

Internet speed:30 Mbps
# of simultaneous screens:1
  • Unlimited internet
  • Pause or cancel anytime
  • Works anywhere in Belgium
  • WiFi modem and media player included
  • Cast wherever you are
  • Record your favorites on-the-go
  • Get free loyalty rewards
  • 24 hour delivery

TADAAM Premium

50 Per month

Internet speed:50 Mbps
# of simultaneous screens:3
  • All from TADAAM Standard

Tadaam Platinum

60 Per month

Internet speed:100 Mbps
# of simultaneous screens:3
  • All from TADAAM Standard