We believe access to television or the internet should not involve cables, technicians, paperwork or small print.

TADAAM. No ties, no lies.

Meet the team

Stijn Lefebure

Venture lead AKA Barankada

Barakanda who? No, you got Stijn over here. The Venture Lead and hobby cyclist told us a clever little secret. Did you know “racecar” is the same word backward and forward? Probably something he picked up in his favorite tv show, ‘De Ideale Wereld’. He’d describe himself as a glass of kombucha: simple ingredients and old-school techniques.

Kristof Vanhuffel

Product Lead AKA The All-Around Man

When he’s not busy fine-tuning every little aspect of your magic TADAAM modem, you’ll see the man watching football or spending some quality time with his family. The All-Around Man clearly loves his family, but some may claim he knows the TADAAM modem even better than them. Besides the MyTADAAM app, his favorite app on his TADAAM TV is Eleven. He’s also an “Only serious apps on my phone 😊” kinda guy.

Kristien Vercruysse

Marketing and Communication Lead AKA Katlyn Foster

Like the contestants of her favorite TV show ‘De Mol’, Kristien is quite the adventurer. Marketing plans and strategic communication visions, Kristien has got it all in her back pocket. Looking for the ultimate words to get the TADAAM message across? She’s already on it, Katlyn Foster style! This globetrotter loves browsing the Urban Journalist for new cities to visit, ordering some Japanese sushi, or savoring a Canary Islands coffee cocktail named Barraquito.

Berk Baki

Technical Lead AKA Babe

Being the Technical Babe – uhm, we mean Lead – Berk is glued to his TADAAM TV app for most of the week. But usually, he’s doing all things technical at the office, and no, not the ‘have you tried turning it off and on again’-things. We’re talking technical codes you ánd your grandma wouldn’t understand. In his free time, Berk prefers catching some sun at the seaside, gaming or getting creative with music production and drawing. His piece of life advice? Be open and wild!

Julien Lefevre

Operations Lead AKA The Fire-Man

What exactly would the Operations Lead of TADAAM ask for if he had 3 wishes? “Free the Genie. Free the Genie. Free the Genie.” A selfless man for sure! That’s exactly why he’s our main guy for the entire supply chain flow ánd the customer care interface. It’s all because everybody loves him! Julien would go through fire for every single managing partner all to provide a clear & transparent commission system. After putting out fires left and right, you’ll see him unwind while watching Live Sports on his TADAAM TV or binge-watching Lego Masters.

Ricardo Spagnuolo

Customer Service Coordinator AKA Chill Man

A superpower like staying chill comes in handy when you’re helping out customers, but watch out for Ricardo at night. Then he uses strategy, decision-making, and pure skill to destroy his opponents without mercy! In online games, that is. Other hobbies? Binging “Gotham” and scrolling through 9GAG (or Tinder 🤭).

Gianni Lootens

Customer Service Coordinator AKA Super Gigi

After a day of helping customers with their needs, Gianni likes to end the day strong with ‘frietjes van de frituur’ or an ice-cold beer. Just like Super Gigi, he’s a pro in turning every talk into something memorable. This guy also loves playing a solid gaming session (or watching one on Twitch). His TV show of choice? Gomorrah.

Leen Dehaene

Scrum master AKA Pippi Longstocking

Making sure everyone is having (work) fun, you’d think it’s Pippi Longstocking, but it’s Leen we’re talking about. Leen is always on top of the Scrum framework so that the TADAAM team can flourish in all its glory! Admittedly, she’s not much of an app fan, but she does love a good “Lupin” series binge-watch. When the Scrum Master is not facilitating like a boss, she enjoys traveling, dining with friends, training animals, and Aquagym.

We are here because we believe everyone deserves hassle-free access to internet & tv.


Getting Internet & tv should not involve cables, technicians, paperwork or small print. It should be fast, simple & flexible. We offer a plug & play setup of internet & tv connectivity that follows you wherever you go. A real on the spot connection to the world. Together with our partners we value innovation & disruption and continuously explore the opportunities and boundaries of fixed wireless access in the connected entertainment space.