We believe access to television or the internet should not involve cables, technicians, paperwork or small print.

TADAAM. No ties, no lies.

Meet the team

Kristof Vanhuffel


Your TADAAM connection is probably already booming, because Kristof just walked into the building. He never goes anywhere without his TADAAM and is always busy fine-tuning every little aspect of the magic modem. He’d probably also take it to travel around in the universe with the Millenium Falcon if he could, and you can’t blame him for it!

Kristien Vercruysse

Head Marketing and Communications

Spin your office chair for the one and only TADAAM’er with the ultimate T-factor! Kristien probably has more than 24 hours in a day because she starts every morning at the gym and is on top of all facets of TADAAM’s Brand and Marketing. She does it all while building and leading the Marketing team all day, every day. During her breaks, she’s always frantically checking the Urban Journalist to book her next city trip or to check out to which hidden Belgian gem she’ll be taking her TADAAM. 

Berk Baki

Head of Technology

Gather around and behold, the driving force behind the technology development of TADAAM: Berk! This cat whisperer knows everything you (don’t) need to know about spinning, and a lot more about programming. He also likes to trade his keyboard for a game console or his DJ booth once in a while. A man of all trades, we know it!

Leen Dehaene

Head of Mission Control

You probably didn’t see her entering the TADAAM HQ because Leen has the ultimate ninja skills which she uses to guide everyone at TADAAM to work and play together at a maximal autonomy level. That Ninja personality is also her secret power for her gaming sessions ànd for the success of her animal training (what can’t she do, right?). Want to know how she aces every single one of these? Ask her about ‘the power of breathing’, she’ll tell you all about it!

Romina Taeymans

Head of Customer Operations 

Always looking for TADAAM joy and the perfect customer care flow: that’s Romina. She’s never not improving the customer service strategy and would sell her precious TADAAM for the ultimate SIMS cheat code, but endless undisturbed scrolling fun on Instagram Reels also does the trick for her. Romina for the win!

Emilija Mantrimaite

Marketing Campaign Officer

Phone flashlights on for the one and only TADAAM Junior Growth Marketeer: Emilija. This go-getter finished off her to-do lists before you even asked something and that’s why she’s the chosen one to check the boxes for all the next-level TADAAM marketing campaigns. If she’s not going to become famous for her impulsive decisions, she probably will for her film photography or her roller skating tricks, that’s a sure thing!

Michael Magalhães dos Santos

Customer Success Engineer

When we say customer, Michael says SUCCESS! Our Customer Success Engineer makes it his personal mission to be the savior for all first-line advisors. Gossip Girl has nothing on him because Michael always knows the hottest news about the TADAAM life to share it with the team. After the weekly juice sessions, he clocks out to cozy up in front of the TV, preferably with a bowl of ice cream in one hand and a mimosa in the other.

Jasmin Maus

Customer Success Engineer

Life at TADAAM is all fun, glory, and green games because Jasmin is our personal peace warrior. She’s the one building bridges and sparking giggles in all the teams with her second-line support. Customer care, IT, and marketing: they all love to welcome her at their table for a talk or for one of her famous cookies. One thing’s a fact: Jasmin makes life at TADAAM Smooz!

Gianni Lootens

Customer Success Engineer

After a day of helping customers with their needs, Gianni likes to end the day strong with ‘frietjes van de frituur’ or an ice-cold beer. Just like Super Gigi, he’s a pro in turning every talk into something memorable. This guy also loves playing a solid gaming session (or watching one on Twitch). His TV show of choice? Gomorrah.

We are here because we believe everyone deserves hassle-free access to internet & tv.


Getting Internet & tv should not involve cables, technicians, paperwork or small print. It should be fast, simple & flexible. We offer a plug & play setup of internet & tv connectivity that follows you wherever you go. A real on the spot connection to the world. Together with our partners we value innovation & disruption and continuously explore the opportunities and boundaries of fixed wireless access in the connected entertainment space.