“I’m always on the go for my job. With TADAAM, I can work anywhere I need to”

Sarah (26), Antwerp

Loved Tadaam! Moved house after 2 months in Belgium and I didn’t have to cancel my subscription and start a new one, just brought my modem with me, plugged it in and everything was working, totally recommend.

Laure 31, France

It was so easy to move to a new country, ordering internet and BAM, all settled the day after.

Angela, 28, Spain

Initially planned to use TADAAM only during our move and switch back once our new home was ready, but I got too attached I think.

Jonas, 29, Germany

I think the best thing about Tadaam is the fact that you do not have to wait 2-3weeks to have it installed. You receive it within 24hrs and all you need to do is plug it in. A great option for people always on the move.

Giuseppe, 35, Italy