Internet. TV.
No cables. No limits.

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We go where you go

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€ 40 per month.

Pause or cancel anytime. No installation costs.

Take the internet with you

Let the internet follow your footsteps. All you need is a power socket nearby and … TADAAM. 4G-based and 5G-proof, this simple box will get you surfing like a breeze. Everywhere in Belgium.

Works everywhere

Whether you’re chilling by the pool or in a cabin in the woods: as long as there’s a socket around, you’re good.

No cables

DIY and get your WiFi: you don’t need any technician to help you out. Just plug in your modem and start surfing.

No limits

No good can come from a limited internet bundle. You want to binge your favourite shows on repeat, so we’ve got you covered.

Fast and flawless

Slow internet is pretty much no internet. Depending on your bundle, you’ll enjoy a fast connection from 30 to 50 Mbps U/D.

Showtime with the TADAAM tv box

Easily switch between 30+ HD channels

Watch your recordings saved in your cloud

Enjoy all your favourite streaming apps

Watch tv
on any screen

No box needed! Download the TADAAM app on your Apple, Android or SmartTV devices.

Next-day delivery

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Everybody digs TADAAM

Even when I’m on a weekend break in some remote cabin, I can always watch my favourite shows.

Stéphane (35), Mons

I like that I can just pause my subscription if I want to go traveling. Saves you money!

Ina (27), Roeselare

I just moved here yesterday. Can’t believe I’ve already got internet and tv!

Sam (32), Maasmechelen

When it says ‘unlimited internet’, I’m always like… yeah right. But with TADAAM, it really is.

Amir (19), Willebroek

I was amazed at how easy it was to get my WiFi up and running.

Lieke (29), Ghent

“I’m always on the go for my job. With TADAAM, I can work anywhere I need to”

Sarah (26), Antwerp

Choose your bundle



Choose your bundle

TADAAM Standard

40 Per month

Internet speed:30 Mpbs
# of simultaneous screens:1
  • Unlimited internet
  • Pause or cancel anytime
  • Works anywhere in Belgium
  • WiFi modem and media player included

TADAAM Premium

50 Per month

Internet speed:50 Mbps
# of simultaneous screens:3
  • All from TADAAM Standard

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