Cable-free internet and TV with TADAAM: how does it work?

We get it, it’s hard to believe that internet and television can be cable-free. And yet, it’s true… Let us explain how!

How in the world is it possible to get internet and TV without cable? That’s one of the questions we receive most. We get it, it’s hard to believe that internet and television can be cable-free. Usually, it’s all these trials and tribulations of a technician that needs to stop by and install everything for you before you can get started. TADAAM wants to change that with a revolutionary next day delivery internet and TV box.


TADAAM uses mobile technology, so it eliminates the use of coax or vDSL cables. That’s super practical, because it means you can easily install your internet and TV yourself. How do you get started? When you become a TADAAM customer, we send you a package with a modem and our TADAAM box.

The modem is connected to the 4G network with a SIM-card, which uses the Base network. It offers a fast and limitless internet connection: 30 Mbps U/D with TADAAM Standard and 50 Mbps U/D with TADAAM Premium. The modem converts the 4G signal into WiFi, comparable to a WiFi hotspot through your smartphone. However, the signal on the modem is a lot stronger than the one on your phone. That means that you don’t need any cables to get wireless internet. Just plug the modem into a power socket and you’re ready to go! 

The TADAAM modem converts the 4G signal into WiFi.

The TADAAM box is our very own media player. It’s an Android box that already has the TADAAM app installed. It couldn’t be easier in use: just turn on the box, and the app automatically opens. That way, you can immediately start watching.

With the TADAAM app, you can enjoy 30+ HD TV channels. Just like with our modem, the installation is extremely straightforward. Once the box is plugged in, the only thing you need to do is connect it to your TV screen and to the TADAAM WiFi network. Easy as that! The TADAAM box turns virtually every screen into a Smart TV. Moreover, you can easily download other Android apps on the box, because it runs on the Android operating system (note: our TADAAM box does not support Netflix yet).

The TADAAM box is a media player that already has the TADAAM app installed.


Of course, once you have the modem up and running, you can connect it to other devices in order to watch television. TADAAM has an app for Android & iOS that is available on various media players. Therefore, you can install the app directly on your Smart TV, or choose to enjoy your favourite shows on your Android smartphone, your iPhone or your tablet. Visit our page with compatible devices.

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Now that we’ve explained how TADAAM can provide you with mobile internet and TV, let’s recap the (very few!) steps you have to take to enjoy TADAAM:

  • Plug the modem into a power socket: it automatically converts 4G to WiFi
  • Connect your TADAAM box to your TV screen & WiFi network
  • Turn on your box: your TADAAM app will launch immediately

That’s it! No cables or technician needed, just two power plugs.

Want to learn more? You can consult our FAQ at all times to get more support and information about our subscriptions and services.