On the TADAAM Facebook page everyone can vent their opinion. Because your question, idea or critical remark truly matters to us!

Still, can we keep things pleasant for everyone? We understand there can be some (unpleasant) surprises along the way or maybe you’re going through a rough patch but we work so much better when there’s mutual respect and no swearing. After all, you are the reason we do this and we would like nothing more than to solve all problems and questions as soon as possible.


Entitled to your opinion

TADAAM reads every single message on the Facebook page and that includes yours. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean we agree with what you’re saying.


No swearing here

Feel like swearing, insulting someone or posting discriminatory or racist messages? Then restrain yourself and get some fresh air. We like to keep things friendly on our Facebook page so there’s no need to write an entire post in CAPITAL LETTERS, that’s so loud, don’t you agree?


Stay alert

Do you like to reply to messages? Then post your own message as a reaction to the original message and not as a new reaction. This keeps all conversations readable.
We’d also like to ask you not to repeat your message unnecessarily. This enables us to keep things transparent and help everyone faster and more efficiently. Did you repost it anyway? Sorry, this will be treated as spam.



Gossip, insinuations or unsubstantiated statements… We’re not too fond of those at TADAAM. We prefer it if you stick to the facts. That’s so much more interesting.


Stay on topic!

Commercial messages, invitations for competitions, polls, apps and other things that have nothing to do with TADAAM are not allowed on our Facebook page. Reactions or messages of this nature are irrevocably deleted. No ifs or buts. If you do this repeatedly you will be blocked – sorry.


Your privacy is sacred

Our social team will be happy to answer all your specific questions, both public and private. Sometimes we will ask you to forward your details via private message. We do this to protect your privacy, to avoid making sensitive information public or to provide a specific answer to your question or remark.


Deal ?

Failed to abide by these rules? Then TADAAM is entitled to remove your message or reaction from the Facebook page. In case of repeated infringements you will be blocked and you will no longer be able to post messages or reactions. That would be a shame, wouldn’t it?