Our FAQ’s

TADAAM has 3 subscriptions: TADAAM Standard, TADAAM Premium and TADAAM Platinum.   With TADAAM Standard, you enjoy 30 Mbps U/D and watch 1 stream at a time. With TADAAM Premium, you enjoy 50 Mbps U/D and can watch on 3 screens at the same time. With TADAAM Platinum, you enjoy 100Mbps Downlink and 50 Mbps Uplink and can watch on 3 screens at the same time.
TADAAM internet works anywhere in Belgium. We don’t offer roaming. You can consult your personal situation on the coverage map of the telecom regulator BIPT. Because TADAAM’s connection through the mobile network is significantly stronger than on a mobile phone, this map isn’t reliable in all cases. Do you have doubts? Don’t hesitate to ask our support for advice. Moreover, it’s possible to cancel your TADAAM anytime.
Your internet speed partially depends on where your modem is located. The best spot to locate your modem is near a window and, if possible, on the side that’s closest to the antenna.   Still not sure about the best spot? Use our TPS app (App Store / Play Store), this will guide you to the best place to put the modem in your house. 
TADAAM has a fast connection of 30 or 50 Mbps U/D that you can take with you anywhere, with an unlimited download limit. In order to offer all TADAAM customers the best possible internet experience without having to intervene unnecessarily with volume restrictions, a Fair Use policy could be in place if your internet usage exceeds 300GB. Don’t worry though, even for the most demanding streamer 300GB should be more than enough. Your volume will stay unlimited, we will only intervene if we notice that other TADAAM customers are experiencing difficulties. Visit our page about the Fair Use Policy for more information.
As from now, it will be possible to change your WiFi network if the traffic on the preselected channel is too high. How? Surf to your ‘MyTADAAM’ account. Under the ‘Internet’ menu, you will be able to consult a list of different channels. In that list, you will see the WiFi networks that can be connected to the different channels. The system will suggest which network with a 2.4GHz and 5GHz band is the best for your situation, in order to optimize your TADAAM internet experience.
Did you just receive your modem, but it doesn’t work? Do you see a red light on the modem? Just do a check check if the SIM card is correctly inserted. It could be that the SIM card is not inserted properly. Just remove the SIM card from the bottom of the modem, check the right way how to insert the SIM card and replace it in the correct way until you hear a small click.   Do you already have your modem for a while and suddenly you have a red light? Go to MyTADAAM and verify if your subscription is still active. Maybe your payment didn’t go trough. Just make a valid payment and you are back online!