Our FAQ’s

You can install the app on an unlimited number of devices. Our app will check how many other streams are live when starting your stream. If you are already watching TV on your maximum number of active screens, your stream won’t start. With a Premium subscription, you can watch on 3 screens at the same time. With a Standard subscription, you can stream on 1 screen at a time.
The app can easily be installed on Android or iOS (Apple) smartphones. Depending on your subscription, you can watch TV on 1 or 3 screens at the same time.   Find TADAAM in the App Store or Google Play. Just download and… enjoy!
TADAAM TV works anywhere on the TADAAM network in Belgium. If you have a network source, TADAAM TV will work in every country of the EU. 
At this moment we support 49 TV channels. 
  • Dutch Channels: VTM, Eén, Play 4, Canvas, VTM 2, Play 5, VTM 3, VTM 4, Play Sports Open, Ketnet, Play 6, TLC, Play 7, VTM GOLD, Nickelodeon NL, Nick Jr NL, VTM non-stop dokters, Dobbit TV, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2  
  • French Channels: La Une, Tipik TV, RTL-Tvi, Club RTL, Plug RTL, TF1, La Trois, AB3, ABXplore, Nickelodeon FR, Nick Jr FR, MTV FR, France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, TV5 Monde, TMC, Dobbit TV FR, LN24, Discovery Channel FR, Ushuaia, Eurosport FR 
  • Others: 2M Maroc, RAI 1, TVE, LCI,  Al Jazeera English 
Make sure your media player or TV device is set up in the right language in order to receive the right channels. This is because we offer different channels in multiple languages
Yes, there is a pause option. When you pause, your programme will automatically be added to your recordings. Instead of watching live, your TADAAM TV immediately changes to the recording. That way, you can watch your programme, pause and rewind and fast forward.
Your recordings are saved in the cloud. That way, you can look at your recordings on every device. You can record up to 200 hours and we will save your recordings for 60 days. You can record as many programs as you want.
Choose yourself on which device you want to watch television!   Apart from the media player you receive with the package, TADAAM has an app for Android & iOS (available for smartphones & tablets). Or you can install the TADAAM app directly on your Smart TV. That is possible on Samsung TV models from 2018 and on Smart TV’s with Android 7 (or higher).  Are you unsure about the model year or your Smart TV’s software? Then you can search ‘TADAAM’ in the App Store of your Smart TV. If you can’t find the app, your device is not compatible. Does your TV have a HDMI connection? In that case, you can use the media player that is included in your TADAAM package.  Or just watch on your smartphone or tablet? It’s up to you!
No, of course not. You can watch TV on different devices. TADAAM has an app for Android & iOS that is available on many different media players. That means you can watch TV on both Android and Apple smartphones, recent Smart TV’s and other media players.