1 Hour Delivery: From Elevator Pitch to Reality

What once started as a snappy 1-line elevator pitch has evolved into not only the company – founded and going strong, but a full-circle story.

TADAAM Venture Lead, Stijn Lefebure, initially pitched the idea of TADAAM to Telenet’s CEO, John Porter, by asking “How fun would it be to have internet delivered as fast a pizza?” He said this referring to the usual internet delivery option where one has to wait 2-3 weeks or so.

And thus, TADAAM was founded with a lightning speed of 24-Hour Delivery. And not only did TADAAM provide internet in just one day. But it came easy to install, with an unlimited connection, and a portable modem you can take with you all over Belgium, keeping you connected nationwide. And like with any great contemporary relationship – with a No-Strings-Attached kind of contract.

“At Telenet, we believe a lot in partnerships. And one of the things where we leverage is in our Telenet ventures. Within these Ventures, we rely heavily on the power of the ecosystem around us on new technologies, on partnerships – both with international technology players, with cloud players, but also with local service providers. And we use these partnerships to create something new. Something that lifts internet and television to a new level.”

Stijn Lefebure, TADAAM Venture Lead

Two years into the disruptive company’s run, the TADAAM team thinks – How can we push it further? Or, in this case, shorter. We’re talking one hour short.

And the idea of TADAAM 1 Hour Delivery was born. A stunt where the company stretched their already incredibly fast USP of 24 hours to 1 hour. About as fast as a pizza delivery. Hey, we even threw in a free Pizza Margharita in there for good measure! *Shoutout to our friends at Otomat for coming through with that fresh dough!

“For this 1 Hour Delivery Campaign, we teamed up with Otomat – The best pizza place in Belgium. This approach not only allows us to connect to other brands with the same values but also to mutually benefit from each other’s customer base. Rule number 1 of Growth Marketing – If you’re not the biggest in the room, be the smartest one. Or at least the coolest one.”

Kristien Vercruysse, TADAAM Marketing and Communications Lead

Yes, that’s right. From the 17th of May 2021 to the 20th of June 2021, homeowners in selected areas of Brussels got to order their TADAAM Internet and TV and receive it in just one hour. With a free Otomat Pizza. Who can say no to a fast delivery + be able to binge on movies and pizza? Name a better full-circle experience; we dare you!


“The biggest challenge was: Can we adapt our fully digital onboarding flow without changing too much of the underlying processes? And the question remains: Can we deliver TADAAM within the hour, with a warm pizza? Turns out – Yes, we can!”

Kristof Vanhuffel, TADAAM Marketing Lead

And in line with our innovative start-up nature, we really made use of the team in all aspects. Even in the faces that we cast for our ads! If you look closely, you might just catch TADAAM’s Marketing and Communications Lead, Kristien Vercruysse, in some of our promotional campaign videos and posters. #employerbrandingisthebestbranding

Another case of Employer Branding that we’d like to flex is that we even got the man, the myth, the legend – Telenet’s CEO, John Porter to star in one of our campaign videos. Of course, the man is a beast when it comes to business, but you’ve gotta admit – his acting skills are pretty dope as well.


To gain a deeper understanding of our campaign, watch Stijn Lefebure, Kristien Vercruysse, and Kristof Vanhuffel as they discuss, in their words, how it all really went down.