How to improve your Wi-Fi signal

In a world of ‘always online’, a reliable Wi-Fi connection has become a necessity. Want to optimize your WiFi experience with your TADAAM Modem? Discover here the useful tips and tricks from our technical experts to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

Tips in case of a weak WiFi signal

Is your Wi-Fi signal not optimal? No worries, there are a few things you can try to improve the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. But first, check this:

  • Try connecting different devices to your Wi-Fi to see if you can catch any signal.
  • Is your TADAAM Modem too far from the device you are trying to connect to?
  • If your TADAAM Modem is near a household appliance? Try to relocate it (yes, almost any household appliance – such as a microwave or an electric oven – transmits electromagnetic waves).
  • Are your devices still supporting the latest Wi-Fi standards? If your device is relatively new, it should be. The last Wi-Fi update dates from 2014.
  • Check if your Wi-FI is switched on, the hardware in your device is not defective and that your firewall settings are set correctly.


A strong Wi-Fi connection starts with the right location for your TADAAM Modem. Luckily, you can connect the modem literally anywhere, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Finding the ideal location is important for two reasons:

  • The modem uses the mobile network to create a Wi-Fi signal, so it is important that it is placed somewhere with good mobile coverage.
  • Beyond that, the modem should be able to transmit the Wi-Fi signal to all your devices. So ideally, the modem should be in an open space to avoid signal loss through the walls.

How to find the perfect position for your TADAAM Modem

  1. Download the TPS application (TADAAM Positioning System app) for Android or iOS on your smartphone. This makes it easy to find the ideal location for your TADAAM Modem for an optimal connection.
  2. Avoid metal objects and devices that transmit electromagnetic waves near the modem.
  3. Make sure the Wi-Fi signal does not have to pass through materials such as glass, wood, foam or cardboard.
  4. Place the TADAAM Modem approximately in the center of all the devices that need to connect to it.
  5. Consider placing the modem in an elevated position as the Wi-Fi signal radiates in all directions.

What you really shouldn’t do is put the TADAAM Modem in the basement, in a closet or behind several walls.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Of course, we cannot forget the classic IT advice: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Sometimes a simple reboot can significantly improve your Wi-Fi signal. Unplugging the modem, waiting two minutes and plugging it back in will clear its memory and allow new updates to be installed.

Also remember: if too many people use wireless internet in one place, for example in a large housing block, the Wi-Fi could run out of channels. This may cause a ‘Wi-Fi jam’, just like in traffic.

Tried all these tips but still no luck? Do you still have questions? Leave a message here and the TADAAM support team will be happy to help you! If you want to know more about TADAAM and our services, check out our FAQ.

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