How to improve your Wi-Fi signal

Having flawless Wi-Fi has become a necessity in our ‘always online’ 2020 lifestyle. Do you want to have an excellent Wi-Fi connection with your TADAAM modem? Some words of advice from our technical experts.

We’re working remotely, we’re always connected with our family & friends. And it’s needless to say that we want to watch movies and series where and whenever we want. Therefore, TADAAM offers tips on how to improve your Wi-Fi signal.


Your Wi-Fi signal is not optimal? No worries, there are a few things you can do to improve the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. First things first: here’s what you need to verify.

  • Try to check different devices to see if you can catch any signal.
  • Is your TADAAM modem physically too far away from the device you are trying to connect to?
  • If your TADAAM modem is close to a household appliance, try to relocate it (Did you know? Almost every household appliance – like a microwave or an electric oven – emits electromagnetic waves).
  • Are your devices still supporting the latest Wi-Fi standards? If you have a fairly new device, this should be the case. The latest Wi-Fi update was in 2014.
  • Is there a problem with the device itself? Check if your Wi-Fi is turned on, the Wi-Fi hardware inside the device isn’t broken or your firewall settings are correct.


One of the most important things to have an optimal Wi-Fi signal is finding a good location for your TADAAM modem. As you can plug-in your TADAAM modem everywhere you want (because a socket is the only thing you need), this can’t be that difficult. Finding the perfect position is important for 2 reasons.

The first reason why you need to find the perfect position for your modem is because the TADAAM modem uses the mobile network to establish a Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, it is important that the modem is in a position where it receives good mobile coverage. The strength of your Wi-Fi signal depends on where the modem has the best mobile coverage. We know, it all sounds a bit difficult, but to make it easier for you to find the optimal position, we created the TPS (TADAAM Positioning System) app. With this app, you are able to find the best location in your house to place your TADAAM modem and have an optimal connection with the mobile network.

On the other hand, the perfect position for you TADAAM modem is important because it needs to radiate the Wi-Fi signal to all your connected devices. Place your modem preferably in an open space to prevent that the signal has to cross too many walls – and therefore, provides a reduced signal. Since every house is very specific, you need to take some do’s and don’ts into account:

  1. Make it easy on yourself: use the TPS app provided by TADAAM.
  2. Avoid placing your modem close to metal objects and appliances that emit electromagnetic waves.
  3. Other materials that could disrupt your Wi-Fi signal are glass, wood, foam and cardboard.
  4. Place your TADAAM modem roughly in the center of the devices that need to be connected.
  5. Keep in mind that the Wi-Fi signal radiates in all directions, so not only horizontally. Preferably, place your modem at a certain height.

What you really shouldn’t do? Do not place your TADAAM modem in the basement, in a closet, or behind multiple walls.

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So you installed your TADAAM modem in the most optimal place you could think of, but you figured out it still has to pass through several wall, or the signal isn’t equally strong throughout the house? Then we have a solution that could help to strengthen the signal: a Wi-Fi booster!

What does it do and how does it work? A Wi-Fi booster or extender amplifies the existing signal before it rebroadcasts the signal as a second network. Both devices can be found for less than €100, so should you still have a weak Wi-Fi signal, we recommend installing an extra Wi-Fi booster, since it amplifies the signal of the TADAAM modem. Do you prefer to use a Wi-Fi booster? We recommend this device.

This should not be confused with a Wi-Fi repeater, because a repeater takes the existing signal of the main network and rebroadcasts it as a new network. However, it actually isn’t a new network. Rather, it only duplicates or extends your network and with that the quality of your signal decreases.

Did you know? You can easily check how well your Wi-Fi (booster) is performing. Just use our TPS app.


Obviously we have to mention it, the IT advice that will always raised: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Sometimes a simple reboot can noticeably improve your Wi-Fi signal. You can reboot your TADAAM modem by simply unplugging it, waiting for 2 minutes and replugging it again. When rebooting, the memory of the TADAAM modem will be cleared. This allows the installation of new updates.

What you also could encounter is that too many people in one place are using wireless internet. For example, when you live in a large housing block, the Wi-Fi could run out of channels. This may cause a ‘Wi-Fi jam’, just like in traffic.


If you’re a real techy, another solution could be Wi-Fi mesh network. A Wi-Fi mesh network is a wireless network which consists of at least 3 stations which can cover your whole house. All stations communicate with each other, so you are always connected to the strongest station. Advantages? You never lose connection and you always have the fastest internet connection when walking through the house. Our modem doesn’t support it directly, but you can buy a complete set-up yourself. Interested? Buy a Wi-Fi mesh setup here.

Want to know more about how you can experience TADAAM? Visit our website for more information. Do you have another question about the TADAAM modem? Consult our FAQ at all times to get more support and information about our subscriptions and services.