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Summer is here! That means sitting quietly in the garden, enjoying the sun and watching a movie on your tablet. But if your WiFi cuts out when you’re streaming a video, it’s a huge bummer. So there you are, looking at your screen and waiting for the video to continue playing. No more! TADAAM offers cable-free internet and TV, so it will reach as far as your backyard, and beyond.


Usually, summer is a time for going abroad and discovering other countries. Now, staycation has become the new vacation. There has been a shift to people spending their holiday in their home country. Luckily, there are so many places to discover! For many people, it also means using more WiFi at home or indulging in more time in front of the TV. So, it’s best to decide on a top-notch provider.

TADAAM’s offer is simple: cable-free internet & TV, for only €40/month. As a TADAAM customer, you receive a wireless TADAAM modem. Yes, you read that rightOur modem doesn’t need any cables (or technicians!) to be connected to the internet. The only thing you need is a power socket. Take your internet and TV connection with you wherever you go and install it anywhere there’s power.


Do you have a staycation planned? You probably have tons of chores to do, but admit it: what you really want to do, is make yourself comfortable and enjoy your favourite shows and series in a cosy spot. And there are plenty of spots, alright. Need some more inspiration? Here are 10 obvious and not so obvious places where you can use TADAAM TV & internet.

  1. It’s extremely suitable for your living room, of course!
  2. Enjoy TV in a sun lounger in your garden or on your balcony.
  3. Watch TADAAM on your phone or tablet while taking a relaxing bath.
  4. Celebrate summer by the poolside with TADAAM TV & internet.
  5. Easy to take with you to your second home for a better internet connection.
  6. Why not take it to work – even if it’s just to show off to your co-workers?
  7. TADAAM on the go, for example on the train.
  8. Are you invited to a barbecue, tea time or sleepover at a friend’s house? Bring TADAAM.
  9. Want to keep it all to yourself? Install in your bedroom & watch TV from the comfort of your bed.
  10. Plans to go on vacation? Take your TADAAM box with you, or use the app on the device of your choice.

Have you tried other unexpected ways to use TADAAM? Let us know: ideas@tadaam.be


It’s easy to watch TADAAM on many different devices with the app. You can enjoy TADAAM TV by using the box that’s included in your package, but you don’t need to use the box. TADAAM has an app for Android and iOS that is available on many different media players. That means you can also enjoy your favourite programme on Android phones, iPhones, tablets, recent Smart TV’s and other media players. Visit our page with compatible devices to find an overview.

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Because you can use TADAAM TV on various wireless devices, the possibilities are endless. How about taking your tablet with you outside to relax in the sun and watch TV at the same time? Invite your close friends and share your WiFi connection, everywhere in Belgium. If the WiFi signal should be a little spotty, just move the modem to a room closer to the garden. Remember, you only need a power socket to use TADAAM.

TADAAM isn’t limited to your own home. If you want to spend a weekend away, at a vacation home on the Belgian coast or in the Ardennes, for example, and you don’t have access to the internet there, you can simply take your TADAAM modem with you.


TADAAM isn’t tied to a specific location with cables. The modem works in any place where there is 4G coverage. Yes, even in your vacation home in the forest – unless you’re going completely off the grid for a while in the middle of nowhere. But then, your intention probably isn’t staying online the whole time. Curious to know how we make cable-free internet & TV possible? Find out more about how we make it possible.

Even if you are going abroad, TADAAM TV is coming with you. If you have a network source, you can use the TADAAM app to watch TV in any country of the European Union.

Want to know more about how you can experience TADAAM? Visit our website for more information.