Help the TADAAM fam grow and get free months of TADAAM!

How to get those free months, you ask? If you get your friend to join TADAAM and stay on for 6 months, your first next billing after that is for free. If you play your cards right, you can get even more! The more people you convince to join, the more free months you get! So spread the love and bring your friends along for the ride.

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All you need to do is have your bestie scan the QR code or send them the link you’ll find in the Refer A Friend section on My TADAAM.

Once your bestie becomes a customer, you can track their progress on the same page.

If your bestie remains a TADAAMer for at least 6 months, we’ll send you a confirmation email so you’ll know when your free month is about to start! But who says the fun has to end there? You can get multiple friends to become TADAAMers by sharing that same QR code or link! If you have multiple free months, they’ll be activated one after the other.

How to claim your free month of TADAAM?

  • If you haven’t already, go to My TADAAM.
  • Go to Refer a Friend.
  • Copy your referral link to share with your bestie, boo, or any chosen amigo (if your mom’s your only friend, that’s cool too)! Or let your friend scan the QR code directly.
  • Make absolute sure that your friend opens your link and smashes that order button.
  • Check in Refer a Friend whether your friend actually listened to you and has subscribed successfully.
  • Make sure that your friend (or your mom) stays on for at least 6 months. And then TADAAM! You will be rewarded with one month of free internet.

Invite more new TADAAMers and get more free months!

What are you waiting for? Gather your squad, rally your crew and enjoy free TADAAM!