5 Easy hacks to get back on your NY resolution track

Man running

After all the lame ‘see you next year’-jokes, it was time to get serious. You chose the fanciest gym subscription, and your meal prep was going strong. But the days got way too dark, meal prepping now seems the hardest thing you’ve ever done and delaying your gym reservation became a personality trait. Time to switch things up and get you back on track. We wouldn’t be TADAAM if we weren’t ready to make things easier, so here you go, 5 hacks to outsmart your NY resolutions: 

Get on the routine o’clock

Whether it takes 2 hours or 4 hours. We don’t care, you’re part of this team, you’re staying until the routine is clean! You’ve already heard it a zillion times: routine will fix (probably almost) all your problems. We’re not forcing you to do the 75 hard challenge and to get up at sunrise or go for a 10km run, no. Let’s launch the 75 easy challenge! Going to bed before 2 o’clock? Easy! Try to find a basic routine in your life like singing a morning song in front of the bathroom mirror (that’s an easy one, you know it) or having a random dance party every afternoon. It seems hella cringy, but you’ll love it, just trust the process! Before you know it, you’ll be dancing your way through life and breathing out the power of your resolutions. 

Ditch the hassle 

Life is already hard enough because low waist jeans are about to become a thing again, and passwords need to have at least 9 impossible characters. So why would you make things even harder if you could just take a shortcut? Your New Year’s goals will only hold up if you make other things in life easier. Deciding to work from home only because it’s too cold outside? We feel you! Plug in your TADAAM modem at your mom’s place just because she makes cute snacks. Or head over to your favorite coffee shop with your plugin connection if she starts nagging. At least you won’t have to make the coffee yourself. Maybe you’re thinking about ordering your groceries for an extra 5 bucks? There’s no shame in that! Instead of going to the store, you’ll finally have time for the bento box prep you always dreamed of. 

Be flex

We know the flex life is calling you, so stop denying it and start stretching your boundaries. Imagine a life of saying yes to spontaneous evening walks or buying that way too expensive wireless vacuum cleaner. You’re already convinced it will fit so well with your wireless TADAAM modem. Yes indeed, it will definitely help you keep your resolutions, even if it doesn’t even remotely relate to them. So why would we even try? Go spend that money, honey!  

Don’t judge

Negative Nancies were never really attractive, so why would you want to be them? You don’t have to beat yourself up if you missed the last 3 (or 7) gym sessions, or if you once again neglected your friends for a while. Don’t judge yourself for not being a hardcore resolution achiever. It’s okay to fall down and get up again, even if you finished every single cookie in the cookie jar. Every day is a new one to try again, wow this is almost a Dr. Phil episode. In other words: just stop freaking judging yourself! 

Spice it up

With spicing it up, we don’t mean in the bedroom (ha-ha, really funny) but adding some entertainment to your life. Try to turn your resolutions upside down. Are you set on reading more? Organise a PowerPoint evening with your friends about your favorite books! Or treat them to a mocktail evening if you’re trying to cut the alcohol. Nobody said it was easy, but it doesn’t have to be boring as well.  


Let’s get these resolutions going!