It seems like yesterday when you just started off the new year, and now you’re already listening to your (way too social) colleague asking everyone about their ‘gReAT rESolUTiOnS’ this year. Unfortunately, you’re not that kind of person, you like to be young, wild, and free, of course with your TADAAM internet

You probably had the genius idea to jump into 2023 without too many life-improving bells and whistles on your to-do list. A great idea if you say so yourself, but if you’re being bluntly honest with yourself, you secretly do feel like checking off some boxes this year. So take your smartphone out of your pocket and run to the app store, because you’re up for a booming new year!




Everyone wants it, but nobody is really up for the challenge: starting ànd closing off a year in fitness style. It would be crazy thing if you would transform from a couch heater to a fitness freak. That’s why it’s best to take small steps in life with ‘No Big Deal’, the app that will get you going, literally. With every step goal you achieve, the app treats you with discounts on your favorite brands AND takeaway apps! When you’re ready for the next step, MyFitnessPal will be the app to introduce you to a life without cheat days. If that isn’t enough to convince you, Strava will undoubtedly be the app for you, because there’s nothing more encouraging than showing off your progress!


Life is one big labyrinth with too many cables and way more hassle. You already tackled the first problem with TADAAM cable-free internet, the rest will be a done deal as soon as you freshen up your brain. How do you prevent fog in your upper chamber? By drilling your memory! Get yourself an app like Lumosityy that challenges you on the daily to exercise your brain’s biceps for five minutes. Feel like going the extra mile? Then Goodreads is the app that’s going to help you discover your favorite (online) books and will get you reading more than four pages.


After a day of great success, every TADAAM’er who took three steps and read at least two sentences, deserves a moment to wind down. After the obligatory hour of TikToks before bed, you wish you had used your internet speed to slow down. Apps like Calm and Headspace will turn you into the better version of yourself (or they will just make sure you don’t go to sleep while a thousand TikTok sounds will be the soundtrack in your head as you doze off).