Going off the grid. But not really. The perks of traveling with TADAAM.

Road tripping, camping, hiking, … It’s like we’ve all discovered our inner Bear Grylls this past year. We’re here for it. Nature. Trees. Fresh air. The whole shebang. Love it. But we have to admit, the only “survival tutorial” we’ve actually managed to fully remember is Destiny’s Child’s Survivor. Not the best reference perhaps … We don’t know about you, but if there’s a way to go off the grid, but not really, we’ll take it.

Enter TADAAM. It was made for trips like that. That little white box will hook you up with Internet and TV anywhere. There’s just one survival tip you can’t forget if you decide to explore the road less traveled with TADAAM: pack a solid external battery. Because that’s the only thing you really need to get that TADAAM modem working. Once you’ve got that covered, there are plenty of moments it will come in handy.

Watch ‘Into the wild’ while you’re in the wild.

Okay okay, given the plot of that movie – spoiler alert, he dies – it might not be the best choice of movie while you’re in the middle of nowhere, but that’s not the point. The point is you can watch a movie – cliffhanger pause – in the middle of nowhere. Your own outdoor cinema, how about that? Just pull out TADAAM’s wireless modem, plug it into your external battery and you’re good to go. If you’re not just wild camping and there’s an actual power socket around, you can easily plug it in there and watch that show you started binging right before you decided to hit the road.

Get lost. But find your way back in no time.

Bumping into unexpected viewpoints, hidden waterfalls or just any place that hasn’t been all over Instagram before … Wandering off without a plan is by far the best thing of road tripping or hiking. But don’t let that wanderlust get you in trouble though. There are places out there where the 4G is as questionable as Destiny’s Child’s actual survival skills. That’s where TADAAM’s comes in. Take that little white box with you and you’ll Google maps your way back in no time. Not the deliberately getting lost type? Fire up your favorite trail app using TADAAM’s internet.

Instagram. Or it didn’t happen.

A little digital detox never killed nobody, but some moments are just too good to not share right away. Actual footage of you trying not to fall off of that SUP board or your friends failing miserably to fold up that Quechua throwing tent, that’s stuff you can’t not share, right? With TADAAM you can easily upload it to Instagram or TikTok. The people at home won’t have to miss a thing and you can just google how to fold up that tent correctly.

What do you call it? A roadmap? Never heard of it.

Once upon a time people used paper road maps to travel from one place to another. Yes, it sounds prehistoric. It’s almost as outdated as using all of your mobile internet to fuel Waze. Save that data for when it you really need and let us point you in the direction of TADAAM.


Yes mom, I’m fine.

Aaaah of course, the mandatory “yes mom, we’re still alive” video call with your mom, there’s no escaping it. At least with TADAAM the conversation won’t just be made up out of “You’re breaking up” and “What’s wrong with my camera. I can’t see you”. You’re welcome.

PS: You can always just NOT tell your mom you’re taking our modem with you on your trip. Solid option, if you ask us.

Travel with a soundtrack.

Whether it is to re-enact The Sound of Music’s infamous ‘The hills are alive’ mountain scene or drown out the noise of those damn crickets while you guys are picnicking, some moments on the road just need some music. With TADAAM you won’t be limited to the internet data of your phone subscription or the Spotify songs you downloaded (or didn’t) in advance. If you feel like putting on some music – Survivor by Destiny’s Child perhaps – just go ahead and push play. TADAAM has your back.

If reading this has sparked your wanderlust, we’ve got some exciting news. We’re giving away four road trips on the TADAAM social channels. Head over to our Instagram account or Facebook page to find out what it takes to win one.