10 Dating Apps you should definitely know about

Valentine’s day is here. The Hallmark holiday where the single and taken alike binge on chocolates and every florist in town can triple their prices and still become sold out. It’s also the day when singles are most reminded of just how single they are. But at this day and age, dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid have made it easier for singles to meet their OTP (One True Pairing)… or at least find a casual hookup. (Hey, no judgement here!)

Here are some dating apps that you should definitely know about, if you don’t already:


Do you stay up long nights playing Call of Duty but are looking for someone to spend your nights with every now and then? Kippo is the #1 dating app for gamers. So, if you’re looking for love and your next zombie crushing partner all in one, check it out!


Your conversations on dating apps usually end abruptly or rarely get going, at all? Looking for a fun way to break the ice? With XO, you can meet people and play some games! (Just avoid getting played, tho)


Do you have single friends that are an absolute 10/10 but are too shy to brave the online dating scene? Swipe for them and set them up with Ship. After all, no one’s a better judge of who’s good enough for your bestie, than you are.


Have a crush on that one jogger that always passes by your area? Happn gives you a little notification whenever you pass by another Happn user and gives you the chance to swipe on them. Think a “Meet cute” moment but with a little push. Would you look back over your shoulder? *insert Mike and the Mechanics* ?


While most of you probably know of Grindr… there are also quite a few other queer dating apps but are usually targeted to LGBTQ+ males and non-binary people. Her focuses explicitly on LGBTQ+ females and non-binary people. Hell yeah, to a more diverse queer representation!

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Speaking of “Her”, and yes that was me referencing that Scar Jo movie, Zodier is an app-specific that lets you date chatbots. It gets lonely sometimes out there and maybe talking to someone can be difficult, so test your smooth talk game with a chatbot. Just be careful to not fall too hard!


Since we can’t fly out to Berlin anytime soon, exploring our inner kinks might be a bit difficult in these times. Kinkoo is the perfect app to meet people who share your inner kinks. Whether it’s BDSM, a foot-fetish, or something that’s altogether too NSFW to type on here, they’ve got you! Don’t worry, we don’t think you’ll find Armie Hammer in this one.


Feeling like your whole dating timeline has been on mercury retrograde? If you’re a firm believer of Zodiac signs and looking for like-minded people (or just looking to find the right Libra to your Gemini), NUiT is definitely the dating app for you!


If you’re a single parent and are open to dating a single parent, or just ready for kids, this is the app for you! Of course, you can find people with similar cases on other apps, but at least going on this lets you avoid a few awkward “real talk” conversations.


With its tagline being “Designed to be deleted”, chances are most people on Hinge are looking for something for forever- or at least something long term. With several specific prompts and only a limited number of swipes available in a day, could this be the app where you find your forever?