Oooo, the summer FINALLY arrived and it brought us the smell of overpriced festival hamburgers, itchy hay fever eyes and your TADAAM modem that will follow you everywhere you go! Looking for gadgets to get through the sweaty months in one piece? We’ve got them right here and you’ll want them all!



Those who’re still looking for an excuse to go wild during the summer sales, has the perfect one right here. What your shopping cart is really craving is obvious: tech gadgets! Camping gurus need a Plasma Lighter for sure, because who doesn’t want a portable fire device, ready to get things lit? Not planning on paying full price for it? Then you better run to your app store, because apps like ‘Honey’ and ‘Pouch’ do the work for you and will bless you with the craziest discount codes on any webshop! You also can’t hop on a plane without a smartphone umbrella to ward off the rays of light on your screen if you’re already splurging on a trip to enjoy the tropical sun. You have to be honest with yourself: your screen clarity is a top priority, even on the beach!



Everyone wants a summer glow, but no one has endless days off. That’s why you better install your TADAAM modem – and yourself – right underneath he sun, so you can check off your deadlines and your tan lines by the end of the work week.  Are the sweaty temperatures a little too much? A cooled nech will automatically cool the rest of your body, which is why you should also throw a rechargeable neck fan in your shopping cart!

How you’ll work outside is simple, we already covered that part. We even gave you a list of summer hotspots. One thing is key: there is no such thing as drinking too much water! Are you struggling to even get two glasses of water a day? That issue belongs to the past! A smart water bottle will save your dry lips because it lights up when it’s time for a sip AND often has a built-in Bluetooth speaker to start those after-work drinks in style! 




Those who’re born for the road trip life, don’t only need a luxurious neck pillow. A dashboard camera will treat you to a crazy timelapse of your ride, believe us, that’s not a want, it’s a need! Spend your gadget money wisely and get yourself one of these cameras with a built-in speed camera scanner and wave the fines farewell!

The lucky ones who got themselves the premium spots on the back seats, will be all settled with a CampStove to heat up their movie snacks. The only things you’ll need to top things off are the ultimate road trip tricks and your TADAAM modem to always have your internet & TV by your side in the backseat anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t get any better than this!