Life is way more fun if you feel every sunray on your face, that’s a sure thing. Still got your doubts about the sweaty nights and the sun glare burning through your laptop screen? Smooz has the perfect hacks for them, and she’ll gladly share them with you!





A summer of sweaty summer nights in bed? Didn’t think so! Just like every other year, it’s only in the heat of the moment you’ll realize who your real friends are, and just like in the past, your loyal fan will pass the test. Looking for extra cool vibes? Put a frozen bottle of water or a wet towel in front of your fan, and TADAAM: you got the air conditioning you’ve always dreamed of and the perfect breeze to enjoy a TADAAM binge evening in your bed! Smooz got a zillion cool-down tricks to survive the hot summer nights in your bedroom: push your feet from underneath your blanket, that will cool down the rest of your body, only open up your windows late at night, and give your pillowcase a cool-down session in the freezer right before you go to sleep. Thank us in advance!



Ready to start your sunny day? Then you’re probably wondering how you’ll actually enjoy the sun when you’re suffering behind your laptop screen. Sun glare, an overheated battery, and water accidents waiting to happen? Those times of question marks are over because Smooz listed all answers for the ideal outside office hours. If you’re still looking to widen your horizons and go on an adventure, then just take your TADAAM modem with you. Smooz already got you the perfect coffee spots to finish your to-do list.




Continuing your day after a sweaty morning should always contain an ice-cold coffee. Not just a coffee, but one that makes you go ‘aaaaaaahhhh, coffee’! The Smooz tricks for the perfect caffeine kick? The more ice cubes, the merrier because that will prevent the coffee from getting watery. Still struggling with trust issues? Freeze yourself some ice cubes made of milk, that’s the ultimate solution! If you’re not a barista hero, then just get up and let the professionals take over, Smooz knows exactly the place for it.