There’s no denying it any longer: Summer belongs to the past. September surely was busy, and now we’re back to reality. If you’re still wondering how you’ll ace your deadlines and get through the cold weeks to come, we got some hacks to warm you up again. Your lifesaver Smooz gathered some tips & tricks to get you going, and show the world what you’ve got up your sleeve. So let’s get things done!




It’s an oldie but a goldie; Pinterest is ànd stays your go-to when it comes to setting the right mood in life. Find yourself everything from planners to dinner inspiration to create the flow you need. Grammarly is your savior when it comes to all things spellingwise, and add Listonic to the list if you’re constantly forgetting which groceries you’re missing in your fridge. The cherry on top? That’s TimeTree, the perfect app to manage your crazy schedule and those of your partner, ànd your best friends. You better be already downloading all of these tech hacks in the app store. TADAAM will get you the perfect internet subscription for them!




Getting work done isn’t about speed, it’s about focus. So get your TADAAM installed wherever you focus best, and organize your workspace however you like. A work spot with delicious coffee will definitely do the trick as well. If you’re all seated, you only need to do the bare minimum to get maximum results. The classic to-do list for example really works wonders, especially when you prioritize the most challenging tasks first. Focus your energy on one task at a time, and you’ll move mountains (or hills because it’s all about taking baby steps). You’ve probably already heard it a thousand times, but once more won’t hurt you: remove all distractions!*


 *your precious cat doesn’t count. 😉




After a day of moving hills, mountains, and your cat from one side of your desk to the other, it’s time to balance things out. Update and shut down your laptop (for real, you can’t ignore all the updates for eternity), and relax to the fullest. (Re)discover your favorite shows or invite your friends to show off your internet and TV bundles during a movie apéro. Already envisioning it all? Go and get it!